TM, 53yo female

Long-standing anxiety and panic attacks symptoms; depression; interpersonal family issues; suicidal ideation

I have known Francisco since late January 2015. In my sessions he has been able to allow me to “come out of my shell”. At first, I was a little scared that he was not able to help me open up and tell him what was on my mind. However, I have found that he was the perfect psychologist for me. He put me at ease and for the rest of my sessions, I stayed there. I am so glad I had met him, he helped me so much.

JA, 28yo female

History of anxiety and panic attacks symptoms, Social phobia, depression, unresolved grief and interpersonal family issues

Francisco helped me find the confidence to begin working after years of anxiety issues. There is still a long road ahead, but now I know I can travel along it.

JD, 59yo female

Emotional, physical and psychological trauma from her childhood; depression, anxiety, panic attack symptoms and long-standing marital difficulties

I have been very fortunate to have had Francisco Rivas as my psychologist for the past two months. As a first time I was somewhat ambivalent at my first visit. However, Francisco displayed intelligence empathy and a depth of understanding which enabled me to speak openly and honestly about issues relevant to me. I felt safe and secure in all my visits at all times.

I fully recommend Francisco as a psychologist. Every visit I walk out feeling better than when I walk in.

AT, 49yo female

Long-standing history of anxiety, panic attack symptoms and depression; suicidal ideation; as well as emotional and psychological abuse in her marital relationships

I have found very helpful to talk to Francisco to overcome my problems with my relationship and my anxiety and panic attacks symptoms. I know I have a long way to go, but I feel much better now. So, thanks for your help.

AJ, 17yo male

Anxiety, panic attacks symptoms, sleeping difficulties, depression, family issues

This process has helped me learn and identify with myself. Although it seems miniscule to know ones self, it’s been a fantastic learning curve. In learning about myself, I’ve learnt about how I feel and how to tackle my anxiety.

The future seems a lot brighter and I can walk out of therapy with a smile on my face and my head held high.

SD, 35yo female

Parent-infant relationship issues; depression, anxiety, traumatic childhood

I have been coming to see Francisco for approx. 2-3 months. Over this time, I have found Francisco the best counsellor that I have ever seen. He got to the bottom of what is truly going on with myself. He has always done this in a wonderful manner that made me feel safe enough to be open about everything that normally would be very difficult. I have made so much discovery about myself.

BG, 49yo female

Foster parent | Interpersonal difficulty with Foster children; marital issues, anxiety and depression problems

I have had an interesting reflection of life with Francisco and found him easy and calm to talk to. After many emotional journeys he has been the one to make changes in my world with me understanding myself a little bit better.

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