I am not crazy, I do not need help

Usually, when someone suggests somebody else to see a Psychologist, an automatic reaction is to say “Why? I am not crazy”. Other typical comments that I have heard directly and indirectly when people talk about the possibility to see a Psychologist are:

  • “What is the point to talk to a Psychologist if she/he will not help me”
  • “I talk to my best friend about my problems”
  • “Psychologists are crazier than me”
  • “I can deal with my problems by myself. I do not need anyone”

There are many possible reasons why people express in this way. For example:

  1. Fears of talking about yourselves, about events, experiences and memories that have been emotionally painful or difficult for you. So, you do not want to feel bad again; you do not want to remember sad moments or negative experiences from your past and present days.
  2. You do not know what could happen in therapy. You do not have control over what could happen in the session, and you do not want to take the risk of that. Some people could feel vulnerable by being in that situation; thus, they avoid it.
  3. Your first experience was not good. Maybe the psychologist did not make you feel understood, or you did not feel good empathy or rapport with him/her; and as result, you did not feel comfortable talking about your difficulties.
  4. You were not ready to have therapy when you tried the first time. For example, you went to therapy to please someone else, or external circumstances forced you to attend the session, but you were not completely open to accepting help back then.
  5. Or many other possible situations that did not make you feel helped in your first experience.

However, it is important that you could give yourself a new opportunity to see a different psychologist because every psychologist is different. This is like when you see a GP or another professional and you do not feel comfortable with that professional. What you do is trying a new one until you find a good GP or professional. So, this is the same case with Psychologists. Try a new one if you did not feel good or help in your previous experience.
So, it is Ok if you feel nervous and a bit scared about going to see a Psychologist, this is normal. However, remember that t is the right thing to do to improve your emotional well-being.

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