As you know, there are not perfect relationships whatsoever. Relationships and I am talking about any kind of relationship such as friendships, family relationships, work colleague relationships and romantic ones have ups and downs.

However, a very common statement that we hear both in individual and in couple therapy is the complaint from my clients about not feeling the priority for his or her partner/wife/husband. This means, feeling abandoned, unloved, uncared or unwanted as a wife/husband/partner; or even as a friend.

We see how clients deny, minimise, rationalise or justify their partner’s behaviour or their own behaviour to stay in that relationship. It is a cycle of feeling abandoned, angry, sad, unloved and then, having a new hope that the relationship could change if his/her partner/wife/husband makes the change to make them feel happy by acting as they expect.

By acting in this way, you stay in a passive role giving him/her the control of your own life, of your wellbeing; developing a dependent relationship with him/her.

If you feel that this could be your case, that you have been living in a similar situation in your relationship; then, it is time that you take actions and be in charge on your own life and this means, that you can look for professional support for yourself.

It is not easy to change, to face what is not right, good in your life. But, remember that you are not alone, I can help you work on your emotional wellbeing.