Are you a parent or a carer of someone with special needs?

Not only people with special needs require professional help to deal with their emotional needs, their behavioral difficulties or any cognitive impairment that affects their life; but also, parents or carers require psychological support for their own needs as well.

Parents and carers have the responsibility to look after their loved ones every day, supporting them in any activity related to their needs; for example, taking them to the speech therapist or the physiotherapist or any other therapy that is necessary to help their loved ones with their specific needs.

If the stress, worries, and pressure of being there for their loved ones overcome the “normal” level of their way to deal with their responsibility, the result could be a “burnt out” feeling. So, that parent or carer could react to control their ongoing stress by drinking more alcohol or using more licit or illicit drugs or smoking more cigarettes or maybe having more arguments or interpersonal conflicts with people around them.

Likewise, feelings of not being understood, heard or validated by their partners or their loved-ones, frequently generates feelings of sadness, loneliness, anxiety, irritability among other uncomfortable feelings.

The invitation is for you, parents and carers to have in mind that you can be attended by a mental health professional in a space of trust and respect.

Not only your children or relatives need attention for their needs; but also, you deserve to be heard, supported and assisted to improve your emotional well-being.

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