We are expected to feel some worry and concern about general or specific things in our lives. However, when these worries and fears become part of your daily life and they affect your emotional well-being, then you could be suffering from an Anxiety Disorder.

There are different kinds of anxiety disorders. For example:

Social Anxiety/Social Phobia:

Intense fear in and of social interactions is managed by avoiding the event or situation.

Generalised Anxiety: It is ongoing anxiety that is not specific to any situation or object. The person lives in a continuing fear of something they are unaware of.

Panic Attacks:

An intense and sudden feeling of terror, generally followed by trembling, sweaty hands, and fast heart palpitations.


A conscious and specific fear of an object or situation (e.g. an animal, a storm, a particular place).

In therapy, the idea is to find out why you have these symptoms because they express an emotional conflict you are unaware of. There is not something wrong with you if you feel that way. As you explore yourself and gain more insights and a deeper understanding of your symptoms, you will feel more in control of them rather than them on you.

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