Couples Counselling

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It is crucial to be aware that when you look for couples counselling, the psychologist does not save or separate any relationship.

When couples look for therapy, generally, it is one of them (rarely both) who is more interested in looking for professional help for his or her relationship difficulties. One of the most common issues in any couple’s relationship is the lack of communication or possible misunderstandings when they try to communicate with each other. Communication problems can create many arguments between couples that cause frustrations and verbal fights.

Therapy tries to assist both of you to have a better understanding of your role in your relationship with your partner, wife, or husband. My professional position in therapy is to build a bridge to allow both of you to communicate and express what is happening in your relationship. The idea is that you can listen to what the other party has to say about you and the relationship. In the end, both of you are responsible for staying together and working as a team to improve the relationship or for deciding to end the relationship.

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