Emotional traumas could be psychological, emotional, and/or physical abuse from events that happened during your childhood and your present day.

Someone with emotional traumas presents with a combination of anxiety and depressive symptoms as well as guilt feelings that are affecting their emotional and psychological well-being. It is very common that someone who presents with a severe anxiety disorder and/or a depressive disorder could be reacting to unresolved emotional traumas from their childhood. The person’s symptoms could be the result of current or ongoing problems that are having an unconscious connection with traumatic events from their past that are emotionally painful to remember.

In healing emotional conflicts, the client in therapy needs to remember and feel again how they felt when the traumatic event occurred in the past. The resignification of those emotional issues through the therapeutic experience will allow the person to start healing their emotional conflicts. Bit by bit, the client will start feeling more at peace with themselves and lighter emotionally speaking. This will improve their self-confidence, self-esteem, and their own self in general.

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